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Our Holiday schedule is below for your convenience:

Monday May 23, 2016 - Victoria Day
Friday July 1, 2016 - Canada Day
Monday August 1, 2016 - Civic Holiday
Monday September 5, 2016 - Labour Day
Monday October 10, 2016 - Thanksgiving
Friday November 11, 2016 - Remembrance Day
December 26 & 27, 2016 - Christmas Holidays
Monday January 2, 2017 - New Year's Day

Generally due dates for patent and trade-mark matters falling on national holidays will be carried-over to the next business day, however please do not hesitate to contact us should you be concerned about any due dates during this period





Founded in 1934 by Alex E. MacRae, MacRae & Co. offers expert cost-effective intellectual property protection services. Our firm is composed of seven professionals and a skilled administrative staff of approximately fifteen employees, and is considered to be one of the high volume application filers with the Canadian Trade-Marks Office. All our Professionals are registered patent agents and/or trade-mark agents and have strong qualifications coming from a variety of backgrounds with different areas of expertise, including biotechnology, information systems, electrical, aerospace and mechanical engineering, and are members of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC), the professional association for Patent and Trade-mark matters in Canada. We are well-versed in patent, trade-mark, industrial design, copyright and integrated circuit topography practice.


Our Offices

Our offices are located at 222 Somerset Street West, in downtown Ottawa, in the National Capital Region consisting of the cities of Ottawa, Ontario, and Gatineau Québec. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), the government agency responsible for administering the greater part of Canada's intellectual property regime, and home to the Patent and Trade-mark Offices, is a short distance away in downtown Gatineau, Quebec. We therefore have easy access to CIPO's extensive official paper records which include much information that is still  unavailable online, and its exclusive on-site databases whenever necessary. Over the years, we have also been able to develop close personal contacts with the Office staff


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